Why JPCatholic?

We believe in the power of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness – those timeless universals and attributes of being – to renew and impact culture for Christ.

Our bold vision is to send innovative and determined graduates, who know and love Jesus, to boldly proclaim His Gospel in culture impacting fields.

Our mission is to impact culture for Christ by forming students as creators and innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs in the Creative Arts and Business Innovation and steeped in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition.

Your legacy, through your prayers and extraordinary generosity, can enable and advance our bold vision and timely mission now. Please prayerfully consider investing in JPCatholic.

Our Story

JPCatholic Timeline

Consistent & Sustainable Growth

Annual Undergraduate Enrollment

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Annual Undergraduate Enrollment

Annual Tuition & Board Revenue

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Annual Tuition & Board Revenue

Cummulative Growth in Net Assets

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Cummulative Growth in Net Assets

Current Academic Program

Catholic Identity & Humanities Core

Our commitment to our Catholic identity is paramount. The teachings of Jesus Christ are our foundation, shaping who our students become and preparing them to Impact Culture for Christ. Our core curriculum is rooted in a rigorous study of Sacred Scripture, Catholic theology and philosophy, as well as the great literature, art and music of the Church and of Western Civilization. Our core integrates Scripture with the study of the creative arts and business innovation, thus bringing the light of Christ to their creativity and innovation.

Classes are structured around daily Mass. Catholicism forms the core of the students' day-to-day lives. Confession is offered on campus frequently. Our Blessed Sacrament Chapel provides a constant opportunity for prayer. Rosary is prayed every night at the student housing.


Strategic Location

Southern California is at the epicenter of the world's largest and most globally in influential Creative Arts industry cluster, allowing us to attract world- class industry veterans as faculty. Seniors have the opportunity to experience the Los Angeles entertainment industry as part of our L.A. internship quarter. The experience involves spending a full quarter living in the Los Angeles area while working in an immersive internship for academic credit.

Historic downtown Escondido is a charming location for a Creative Arts university. It has all of the critical infrastructure to support a creative art community including a spectacular performing arts center, which is located adjacent to JPCatholic. It also has a commuter train station with rail connections to greater Los Angeles.

2025 Goals: Campus Growth

Read Our 2025 Strategic Plan

Our Campus

Creative Arts Academic Building

JPCatholic has developed strong competitive position with our academic programs in Creative Arts and Business Innovation. We are strengthening our positioning within our academic niche to build even more transformational interdisciplinary programs to cultivate creativity, innovation, and design thinking in our increasingly collaborative learning environment.

We acquired this 30,000 sq. ft. building in 2016 to house our Creative Arts program expansion. Once renovated, it will include state-of-the-art media production, design and performance studio spaces, as well as faculty offices and parking.

The renovation creates an open courtyard to foster community, which is so critical to cultivating artistic excellence, innovation, and to the building up of an authentic Catholic community.

Target Opening Date: 2022

Cost: $8M


St. Teresa of Calcutta Chapel

In 2016, the extraordinary generosity of many benefactors enabled the purchase of this beautiful 5000 sq. ft. Mediterranean Revival architectural style building, which was built in 1925. Its architect, Louis Gill, is considered one of the greatest architects in San Diego’s history.

The Chapel was named at the request of Terry and Barbara Caster, who were introduced to Mother Teresa in 1988. The Casters began supporting her Mexico ministry and together they built an orphanage and shelter for homeless in Tijuana.

Renovate St. Teresa of Calcutta Chapel - 2025 Goal

Seat: 300

Target Opening Date: Fall 2025

Cost: $5M


Support Our Talented Students!

Student scholarship funding is our largest and most critical ongoing financial need. Over 90% of our students receive institutional financial aid, which is provided by benefactors like you.

Scholarships are critical in bridging the gap between the cost of attendance and other financial aid, and are often the deciding factor on whether a student attends.

Your gift keeps tuition affordable and our education excellent.


How can you help?


Provides 3-year scholarship for a student


Provides one-time emergency gap funding


Provides 1-year scholarship for a student


Contributes to our scholarship fund, helping students with critical need and great ability

You may support these bright students with a gift that is any combination of the following:

  • Annual or endowed
  • Need-based
  • Merit-based
  • Restricted according to criteria you choose

Endow Great Faculty

Faculty are critical to the JPCatholic experience.

The University has been able to attract a remarkably gifted group of scholars and teachers - masters who have written the texts and created masterpieces. Our faculty has high expectations and push our students to great heights. Our distinguished faculty are Christ-centered, drawn to intellectual rigor, academic debate, interdisciplinary idea-sharing and many have national prestige.

JPCatholic's goals are audacious - to provide preeminent graduate and undergraduate education, to gain a national reputation as a first-tier Creative Arts and Business Innovation institution, to prepare graduates to address the critical needs of society and our Church. The goals are well within reach, given reasonable funding.

How can you help?

Endowed a Chair and/or a new program

Provide the funds to attract a distinguished professor to lead an academic department and/or create a new degree program.

Endowed a Professor and/or a new area of emphasis

Provide the funds to attract a distinguished professor to join the faculty and/or create a new area of emphasis within an existing degree program.

For more information on making a donation, please contact Derry Connolly, President at 858-653-6740 or email DConnolly@jpcatholic.edu.


Naming Opportunities

Please consider the following naming right opportunities or making a gift of any size to help expand our campus nucleus.

Escondido Campus Investment
School for the Creative Arts $5M
School of Business $3M
School of Humanities $2M
Creative Arts Studio Complex (130 S. Maple) $2M
Academic Building (155 W. Grand) $1M
Student Life Center (200 W. Grand) $1M
Auditorium/Theatre (131 S. Broadway) $1M
Library (131 S. Broadway) $1M
Business Launchpad $500K
Escondido Campus Investment
Chapel Courtyard (240 S. Maple) $250K
Media Post-Production Lab $250K
Large Classroom (155 W. Grand) $100K
Ideation Lounge $75K
Edit Suites (2) (155 W. Grand) $25K
Small Classroom (3) (155 W. Grand) $25K
Confessional (155 W. Grand) Named
Chapel (St. Teresa of Calcutta) Named

For more information on making a donation, please contact Derry Connolly, President at 858-653-6740 or email DConnolly@jpcatholic.edu.


Ways To Give


Make your tax-deductible donation now, using your credit card or your checking account.


Personal Check

You can send your personal check, payable to:

John Paul the Great Catholic University
220 W. Grand Ave, Escondido, CA 92025


Talk in Person

For more details on making a gift, please call:

Derry Connolly
858.653.6740 ext.1501

Ken Sharrar
(Mission Advancement Director)
858.653.6740 ext.1709

Stock Transfer

Our broker is TD Ameritrade

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“Those who perceive in themselves this kind of divine spark which is the artistic vocation... feel at the same time the obligation not to waste this talent but to develop it, in order to put it at the service of their neighbor and of humanity as a whole.”

Pope St. John Paul II
Letter to Artists