Sharpen your storytelling skills, engage in conversations on culture, and learn how to succeed in the entertainment industry.


JPCatholic faculty and special guest speakers share industry advice from their extensive experience in animation, screenwriting, directing, and more.


Since the course content is not for credit and there are no deadlines, you can continue your education anytime, anywhere.

Learn key principles of storytelling from veterans of Pixar's Braintrust, Warner Bros. Script Department, and Hollywood writers' rooms.

Must-Know Storytelling Principles From Pixar

With Professor Colin Brady

The Basics of Storytelling: What is Story?

With Professor Chris Riley

TV Storytelling: How to Survive and Thrive in a TV Writer’s Room

With Professor Sheryl Anderson

Bringing Personal Themes into Your Storytelling

With Professor Nathan Scoggins

Adaptation: Bringing Novels and True Stories to Life on Screen

With Professor Chris Riley

Hosted by John Paul the Great Catholic University, the Impacting Culture Speaker Series features industry professionals and thought leaders discussing their insights on creatives arts, innovation, and culture. Past speakers have included:

Cultivating the Garden: A Discussion on the Artistic Vocation

Tim Reckart, Animator of “The Star”

Working in the House of Mouse: A Discussion with a Senior Editor at Disney

Dan Molina, Senior Editor at Disney

Life in Media: Balancing Faith, Family & Work in Hollywood

Dan Rupple, Producer of “The Price Is Right” & Peggy Rupple, Director of the Windrider Forum

The Hollywood Mission Field

Dean Batali, TV Producer

Catholics in Hollywood Give Advice and Share Their Stories

Paul Rugg, Voice Actor & Thomas Wilson, “Biff” from “Back to the Future”