This new building will provide a large and more beautiful home for our flagship Creative Arts programs, enabling us to expand our program offerings and double our student population. The building was acquired in 2016 through a gift from Terry and Barbara (†) Caster, and with your generosity, the renovations will be completed by mid 2022.

30,000 sq. ft.




131 S Broadway.


300 → 600


Fall 2022




The Need for a Creative Arts Building

JPCatholic has developed a strong competitive position in Creative Arts and Business Innovation. Within this niche, we are broadening our academic focus to build new transformational programs to cultivate creativity, innovation, and design thinking in a collaborative environment.

Our current facilities see high utilization and competing demand from various academic programs; the new space provided by this renovation will allow for these programs to truly thrive, as well as provide the infrastructure for new programs.

The property will include state-of-the-art creative spaces with more computer labs, more sound stages, a screening theatre, a black box theater, and an art studio. It will also include important facilities for our expansion including a new library, more faculty offices, and parking. An open courtyard will foster community so critical to produce artistic excellence, innovation, and the building up of an authentic Catholic community.

Our Campus

A Providential Solution
The Perfect Building for our Expansion

Built originally in 1954 as a Sears Department Store, this 30,000 square ft. building on a 1.7 acre lot has many unique benefits that make it perfect for our Creative Arts expansion needs. The property is directly adjacent to our current academic building, structurally conducive, and provides additional parking which is critical for expansion in downtown Escondido. We providentially acquired it in 2016 through a gift from Terry and Barbara (†) Caster, and with your generosity the renovations will be completed by Fall 2022.

Funding Phases

Funding Phases

Renovation Goals

The renovation will cost $8M, and with partial debt financing, our goal is to acquire at minimum $2M before renovation begins. We pray the Creative Arts Building construction will begin in late 2021, and the building will open by Fall 2022.

Ways To Give


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“Exploring Truth, Goodness and Beauty in our contemporary Creative Arts demands a Catholic University focused on cultivating the imagination and nurturing the creativity of its students - both are critical in the formation of graduates ready to Impact Culture for Christ.”

Dr. Derry Connolly
Founding President