New Free Course: Storytelling & the Gospel

April 15, 2024

John Paul the Great Catholic University is pleased to announce “Storytelling and the Gospel,” a new online course available for free to the public. Featuring five lessons from JPCatholic faculty, the series offers a deeper encounter with the Gospel message, and the role storytelling plays within our lives as humans and as Christians.

The lessons include:

  • A Sower Went Out to Sow: Christ's Storytelling through Parables
    Fr. Andy Younan
  • The Vocation of the Storyteller: The Biblical Call to Be Culture Creators
    Prof. Chris Riley
  • The Storyteller & the Cross: Discipleship as a Creative
    Prof. Steve Kramp
  • All the World's a Stage: Humanity & the Performing Arts
    Prof. Lee Eskey
  • Exploring the Darkest Depths of the Soul: Portraying Evil in Fiction
    Prof. Megan Eccles

“Storytelling and the Gospel” is hosted on the University’s newly rebuilt platform JPCatholic Online, home to a library of free lectures and courses including the popular Crash Course in Storytelling from 2019.

“We’ve created these resources to give Christian storytellers the opportunity to reflect on their vocation as creatives, alongside practical guidance to grow in excellence in their craft,” said President Derry Connolly.

All of the videos on JPCatholic Online are free, online, and not for credit, so anyone can participate in the content at their own pace. Sign up for free.