Work Study Procedure for Application

  • Submit Resume and Cover Letter indicating which position you are applying for to Anna Velasco at
  • HR and the position supervisor will determine the top five applications after the application period has closed, and will verify financial need with the Financial Aid Office.
  • Students will be given interviews to determine the best fit for the position. If student is not yet on campus, a phone or Skype interview may be arranged.
  • Students will be extended an offer of work study employment or notified that they have not received the position. If an offer of work study is made, it will be documented as a Federal aid award.

Things to Know Regarding Work Study

  • Work study need is evaluated after all scholarship and grant aid and before all loan aid. Employment in a work study position may reduce your overall loan eligibility.
  • Students will be paid via a paycheck, and it is their obligation to use the funds towards their educational expenses (tuition, housing, books, transportation, personal expenses).
  • Students may not exceed the number of hours offered to them, and are responsible for tracking their time and submitting timecards in a timely manner for processing.

No Work Study Positions