Work Study Positions Available

Female Campus Life Team Member

Resident Assistant (RA)

Common Room Responsibilities:

  • Ensure previous night’s tasks were completed (notify head RA if not).
  • Complete your nightly cleaning duties (See Cleaning Checklist).
  • Notify the head RA when supplies are low.
  • Notify the head RA of any maintenance issues, immediately.
  • Check on couples alone in common rooms every hour.
  • Give each party in a common room 2 hours max, if another party is waiting.
  • Be engaged and mindful of students throughout shift (greeting students, etc.).
  • Be prepared to help with any planned events scheduled during your shift.

Section Leadership :

  • Offer guidance and care to all students, particularly in your section. You must check in with each student in your section at least 2 times in a quarter.
  • Lead class-related discussion groups when relevant.
  • Do your nightly rounds (See RA Nightly Round Checklist).
  • Conduct section activities (Section dinners, etc.).
  • Conduct regular Spirit Group activities (House Decoration, Sport Section Wars, Movie Night).
  • Following fire procedure and locate all section members. Confirm with Head RA when section is clear.
  • Advertise all events to your section.
  • Report Latitude maintenance issues to Head RA.
  • Address any Latitude and school policies being broken.
  • Report any suspicious or dangerous activity around Latitude. Call security, or police if needed.

Ministry Coordinator


  • Establishes relationships with ministry leaders and members.
  • Meets with ministries leaders between 1-3 times per quarter to refine the mission and clarify the quarterly schedule.
  • Attends at least 1 event per ministry every quarter to build rapport.
  • Collaborates with students to support new ministries.
  • Looks for and supports opportunities for ministries to host larger events and/or collaborate with CLT initiatives (must talk with spiritual events coordinator).
  • Communicates relevant concerns and information to SLT Role Advisor.
  • Collaborates with SLT Role Advisor to determine future goals and responsibilities for the role.

Library Assistant

  • Name of the position: Library Assistant
  • Purpose/role of the position: To assist the librarian in maintaining the library, checking out books and labeling new additions.
  • Duties and responsibilities associated with the position and how they relate to the purpose/role:
    • Assist the librarian with maintaining the course reserves section.
    • Shelve books, shelf read and shift books to maintain order in the stacks.
    • Assist with inventory procedures, withdrawal procedures, and with keeping the catalog up to date.
    • Assist the librarian with copy cataloging and labeling of new books.
    • Have an understanding of how the library works and be able to cheerfully assist fellow students in using the library.
    • Other duties as assigned.
  • General qualifications for the position and the specific qualifications for the various levels/rates of pay associated with the position:
    • Must be available on Wednesday from 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm and/or Thursday from 8:00 am - 1:00 pm and/or Friday 8:00 am - 12:00 pm for Fall Quarter.
    • Must bring a laptop.
    • Must be conscientious and self-starting, with good and consistent attention to detail.
    • Able to handle several projects at once and have good time management skills.
    • Accuracy with alpha/numeric sequences. Written and oral communication skills.
    • Able to maneuver fully loaded book carts and perform tasks that involve lifting, reaching, grasping, stepping up and down, and kneeling.

Literacy Assistant

  • Name of the position: Literacy Assistant
  • Name and address of the student’s employer: John Paul the Great Catholic University, 220 West Grand Ave., Escondido, CA 92025
  • Department or office in which the student will be employed: Library and Community Services, Escondido Public Library, Literacy Services Division
  • Location where the student will perform his/her duties: Escondido Public Library (239 S. Kalmia Street, Escondido, CA 92025)
  • Name of the position supervisor: Dan Wood, Senior Librarian
  • Purpose/role of the position: Classified as a Library Volunteer, the Work-Study Student will assist the Library Literacy Services Division by helping to publicize events, provide clerical support and promote the Literacy Services program.
  • Duties and responsibilities associated with the position and how they relate to the purpose/role: Assist in publicizing literacy events, provide clerical support as assigned, organize materials, participate in literacy program activities and coordinate events such as Scrabble-Thon, and Learner Recognition. Other duties may include participating in tutor training, outreach recruitment, editing and publishing an e-newsletter, and tutoring a literacy learner.
  • Rate of pay for the position: $15/hour, 10-12 hours a week
  • General qualifications for the position and the specific qualifications for the various levels/rates of pay associated with the position: Qualifications include completing a City of Escondido Volunteer Application, passing a Live Scan background check (required by the City of Escondido), ability to work with adults of various socioeconomic backgrounds, strong oral and written communication skills, must be a self-starter, able to take direction well, and work consistent hours (10-12 hours per week for 10 weeks).The length of the student’s employment: October 17, 2022 through December 9, 2022, with preferred continuation for Summer Quarter in 2023, upon mutual agreement between the University and the City.
  • Procedures for determining a student’s rate of pay when a position has multiple rates: This position has only one rate of pay

Work Study Procedure for Application

  • Submit Resume and Cover Letter indicating which position you are applying for to Anna Velasco at
  • HR and the position supervisor will determine the top five applications after the application period has closed, and will verify financial need with the Financial Aid Office.
  • Students will be given interviews to determine the best fit for the position. If student is not yet on campus, a phone or Skype interview may be arranged.
  • Students will be extended an offer of work study employment or notified that they have not received the position. If an offer of work study is made, it will be documented as a Federal aid award.

Things to Know Regarding Work Study

  • Work study need is evaluated after all scholarship and grant aid and before all loan aid. Employment in a work study position may reduce your overall loan eligibility.
  • Students will be paid via a paycheck, and it is their obligation to use the funds towards their educational expenses (tuition, housing, books, transportation, personal expenses).
  • Students may not exceed the number of hours offered to them, and are responsible for tracking their time and submitting timecards in a timely manner for processing.