Bachelor of Arts in Humanities



In the Theology and Philosophy emphasis, you will integrate the diverse fields of the Humanities core curriculum by investigating the deepest, most important questions about human existence.


A particular focus of your study will be the relationship of faith and reason. Theology seeks understanding in the study of the revealed Word of God in history, which comes to human beings first in Israel and then in the person of Jesus Christ. In our program, you will take the articles of the Creed taught by the Church as its principles, and apply human reason assisted by grace to explore the mysteries of our Faith.


Philosophy, on the other hand, is the pursuit of wisdom, especially wisdom about the highest things, beginning in wonder and proceeding by way of reflection on what Socrates calls “the things that are.” This dual discipline will provide a solid foundation for further studies, a career in education, or simply a well-examined life.







Learn foundational skills in marketing, management, and entrepreneurial thinking.


Study the human condition by actively engaging in an exploration of art, literature, culture, politics, economics, and more


what makes us different?

Our Authentically Catholic Community

Our campus is a place where students can grow both professionally and spiritually. We’re a unique community of artists and innovators, centered around our faith in Jesus Christ and the beauty of the Catholic faith. Immerse yourself in an abundance of opportunities for spiritual growth, including Daily Mass, Confession, Adoration, Rosary, Retreats, and Service Projects.

Our Small Campus Environment

With a total student body under 300, JPCatholic offers a warm, tight-knit campus community. Foster lifelong friendships, form creative partnerships, and surround yourself with a supportive environment that encourages your growth in both virtue and artistic excellence.

Our small classroom sizes offer the chance for one-on-one mentorship from faculty who are committed to your success.

Graduate in 3 Years

Our unique academic model is structured on a year-round quarter system, and you graduate with your Bachelors Degree in just 12 quarters. Each quarter is 10 weeks long, with about 3 weeks of break between each quarter.

Located in San Diego County

John Paul the Great Catholic University is centered in north county San Diego, just a 35-minute drive from downtown in America's Finest City. Southern California is famous for its fantastic weather, beautiful beaches and mountains, and bustling metropolitan areas. Our campus is just 15 miles from the beach, a short trip by car or train. And with Los Angeles and Hollywood within striking distance, students have even more opportunities for internships and networking.

Meet the Faculty

  • A theologian, poet and artist. His diverse experience includes being an impassioned educator and mentor, a committed literary artist and performing musician, and a youth minister and high school teacher.
  • Currently, concluding work on two books. One, a lyrical memoir, is titled The Lion’s Mouth and details his return to faith after living for fourteen years as a bohemian artist. He is also wrapping up the second volume of a large-scale poetic work based on the Triduum and the Stations of the Cross.
  • Served as the Rector of the Seminary of Mar Abba the Great until 2016.
  • Granted the mandatum by Robert Brom, as an ecclesial recognition of Fr Andy's posture and commitment to teach always in communion with the Church.
  • An avid translator of Aramaic, and is the translator/editor of the Emmanuel prayer book.
  • The co-author of Introductory Chaldean and Chaldean Grammar, and the author of Perpetual Jubilee: Meditations on the Chaldean Liturgical Year.



Professor & Chair of Theology & Humanities

Professor of Philosophy & Biblical Languages

  • Entered the Seminary of Mar Abba the Great in January of 2010 and began his studies of philosophy and theology at JPCatholic that Fall.
  • Received his BS Degree in Communications Media with an emphasis in New Evangelization in 2013.
  • Received his Master's of Arts in Biblical Theology in 2015, and was ordained a priest for the Chaldean rite Catholic Church in El Cajon, CA, on April 10th, 2015.
  • Currently, he is the Superior of the monastic order of the Sons of the Covenant.



Professor of Theology & Humanities

Professor of Theology

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