In our Theology and Philosophy emphasis, you will integrate the diverse fields of the Humanities core curriculum by investigating the deepest, most important questions about human existence.

A particular focus of your study will be the relationship of faith and reason. Theology seeks understanding in the study of the revealed Word of God in history, which comes to human beings first in Israel and then in the person of Jesus Christ. In our program, you will take the articles of the Creed taught by the Church as its principles, and apply human reason assisted by grace to explore the mysteries of our Faith.

Philosophy, on the other hand, is the pursuit of wisdom, especially wisdom about the highest things, beginning in wonder and proceeding by way of reflection on what Socrates calls “the things that are.” This dual discipline will provide a solid foundation for further studies, a career in education, or simply a well-examined life.

Theology and Philosophy Curriculum




General Education


Learn foundational skills in managing and leading teams, useful for any career or ministry.


Study the human condition by actively engaging in an exploration of art, literature, culture, politics, economics, and more


Our Authentically Catholic Community

Our faith in Jesus Christ is at the heart of JPCatholic. We strive to create a campus environment where both students and faculty can grow in their relationship with Christ through Sacred Scripture, the Sacraments, and the Magisterial teaching of the Catholic Church. Immerse yourself in an abundance of opportunities for spiritual growth, including Daily Mass, Confession, Adoration, Rosary, Retreats, and Service Projects.


Our Small Campus Environment

With a total student body under 300, JPCatholic offers a warm, tight-knit campus community. Foster lifelong friendships, form creative partnerships, and surround yourself with a supportive environment that encourages your growth in both virtue and academic excellence.


Graduate in 3 Years

Our unique academic model is structured on a year-round quarter system, and you graduate with your Bachelors Degree in just 12 quarters. Each quarter is 10 weeks long, with about 3 weeks of break between each quarter. Graduating in just three years will give you a head start on either starting your career or pursuing further education.


Alumni Success

Alumni have found fulfilling careers in a variety of paths, ranging from working for the Church, serving in a Catholic apostolate, teaching theology, and more. Alumni are also well prepared to pursue further education if desired. View more info on alumni jobs and graduate schools by clicking below.


Located in San Diego County

John Paul the Great Catholic University is centered in north county San Diego, just a 35-minute drive from downtown in America's Finest City. Southern California is famous for its fantastic weather, beautiful beaches and mountains, and bustling metropolitan areas. Our campus is just 15 miles from the beach, a short trip by car or train.


Study Abroad

JPCatholic offers a unique model of study abroad with a variety of destinations. Each trip is an interactive academic experience that starts with ten weeks of classroom instruction on-campus here in Escondido and culminates in a week or two of travel led by the professor. Destinations may be international or domestic, and each course is specially designed to provide a unique cultural and educational experience to the student.


Meet the Faculty

Our professors carry a rich academic background in theology and philosophy. With our small class sizes, you will be able to receive individualized mentorship as you pursue deeper scholarship in theology and philosophy. We take our responsibility as a Catholic university seriously, and all of our faculty commit to harmony with Church teaching.

Fr. Andy Younan

Fr. Andy Younan, PhD

Professor of Philosophy

Dr. Sam Keyes

Fr. Sam Keyes, PhD

Professor of Theology

Fr. Ankido Sipo

Fr. Ankido Sipo

Adjunct Professor of Theology

Dr. Shalina Stilley

Dr. Shalina Stilley, PhD

Professor of Philosophy & Theology

Steven Kramp

Steven Kramp

Professor of Creative Writing & Chair of Humanities & Theology

Sr. Nancy Usselmann, FSP

Sr. Nancy Usselmann, FSP

Adjunct Professor of Theology

Bonnie Curtis

Bonnie Curtis

Adjunct Professor of Theology

Maisa Haddad

Maisa Haddad

Adjunct Professor of New Evangelization

Hear from Students & Professors

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Alumni Spotlight

Timmerie Geagea
Class of 2010

Timmerie Geagea was a New Evangelization student who graduated in 2013. One of her main interests is authentic Catholic femininity and her work in the pro-life movement, in which she is very active. She is the co-host of Trending with Chris and Timmerie, which is a nationally syndicated radio show and international Catholic Podcast. She formerly worked as the Director of Education and Outreach at Life Choices Crisis Pregnancy Center in San Diego.

While a student at JPCatholic, she utilized both what she had learned in her theology classes and her production classes to start a blog, and eventually worked her way to up start a radio broadcast (podcast). She utilized the professional network she gained from her professors within the Catholic world as well, and eventually worked her way into a position with Catholic Answers, where she originally hosted a radio show with Trent Horn. She has also spoken at events nationally, always utilizing social media and marketing skills she gained from studying media and incorporating the theological concepts she learned.

Leah Murphy
Class of 2014

Leah Murphy served as a LifeTeen missionary and wanted to continue working in the field of youth ministry. She interned at LifeTeen’s headquarters as an undergrad. Now serves as their Coordinator of Digital Media and Evangelization.

Janise Flores
Class of 2014

Janise Flores wanted to delve further into the sociological side of how Theology affects the human psychology. She is now a graduate student at JPII Institute of Psychological studies in DC.