Media Resources

Students have full access to JPCatholic's current, state-of-the-art media equipment and facilities.

Sound stage. You can build sets and have full control your visual environment. The sound stage is outfitted with a full lighting grid and supporting grip equipment.

Cameras & Lighting. JPCatholic has 14 HD cameras of the same type and style you would use on a real world TV or feature film project. All the support items are available for your productions, enabling you to create professional lighting and sound.

The lighting kits include hard and soft lights, floodlights, spotlights, and small lights. Microphone sets include boom, wireless, microphones, and mixers.

Post-Production. Our post-production laboratory hosts 20 work stations equipped with state of the art software capable of editing sound and picture, as well as creating motion graphics and animation, sound effects, compressing and modifying digital formats, color correcting and enhancing footage, and creating and modifying still images.