The 1800-square-foot soundstage lies at the heart of the campus building, and is a key space for television and film production projects and classes. You can build custom sets, utilize greenscreen, and have full control of the lighting with our fully customizable lighting grid and supporting grip equipment.

TV Control Room

The attached control room is configured to produce a 4 camera shoot, complete with playback, replay, graphics, multi-track audio, streaming capabilities, and a teleprompter.

TV Control Room

The attached control room is configured to produce a 4 camera shoot, complete with playback, replay, graphics, multi-track audio, streaming capabilities, and a teleprompter.

Equipment Room

JPCatholic’s equipment room is stocked with over 30 digital cinema camera kits for students to utilize in the making of their films. You’ll have the opportunity to grow and challenge yourself to master new equipment, progressing from Canon DSLRs to the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. In addition to cameras, the equipment room provides access to tripods, a broad assortment of lenses, microphones, lighting equipment and more.

Students have access to tungsten and LED light kits and support equipment like stingers, C-stands, flag kits, cucolorises, and other lighting accessories.

Sound recording equipment includes boom microphones, sound recorders, wireless lavalier microphones, and sound mixers.

Camera stabilization resources include shoulder rigs, dollies, sliders, and a DJI Ronin-M 3-axis handheld gimbal.


Motion Capture

In addition to film equipment, we provide you with the opportunity to work with the Xsens Awinda motion capture suit that allows you to record motion data in any location and apply it to a CG character for visual effects and animation. Watch the video below to learn about our coursework on using MoCap for film, animation, and game development.


Media Lab + Software

Our media laboratory hosts 25 iMac workstations equipped with post production software for editing, sound design, color grading, graphic design, and visual effects. Additional software empowers students to create animated films, design and program video games, create motion graphics and craft digital illustrations.

Main Editing Lab
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Editing Suites

Editing Suites

In addition to the main media lab, there are two smaller suites available for groups to work on assignments and projects. These two workspaces are private rooms that operate on a reservation system, and are outfitted with computers, software, multiple monitors, speakers for monitoring sound, and additional sound recording and mixing capabilities—perfect for the final stages of honing your project alongside your team.

Students also can use these spaces to screen rough cuts of their projects to students and professors, or even hold project development meetings with clients.

Editing Suites
Editing Suite Small

WACOM Tablet

Digital artists also have access to a Wacom Cintiq, along with a number of Wacom Intuos Pro tablets for digital sculpting, painting, and illustration.

Illustration Studio

Our brand new illustration studio is a designated classroom designed exclusively for our drawing and fine art classes. Equipped with drawing horses (benches), a model platform, storage space, and a display wall, this compact studio serves the needs of our art students while allowing them to hone their skills in a focused environment.

Bailey Garland Radio Host in The Vault

"The Vault" Recording Studio

Our recording studio is situated in our Student Life Center, in a room that used to be a bank's actual vault. Students can use the space for recording content like podcasts, radio shows, and voiceover recordings. One of our students currently uses The Vault to host a radio show called Letter to Artists with a local Catholic radio station called JP2 Radio.

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