Baking Club

We learn in the baking of the bread and in the breaking of the bread.

Baking club's purpose is to connect participants, give them additional skills in baking/pastry art, improve cooperation skills, and give them a fruitful opportunity to relax and spend time with each other in fellowship.

Our club’s mission is to make baking with each other an opportunity for human growth and formation! Jesus broke bread and ate with His disciples before His passion, after His Resurrection, and offers Himself to us every day in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The Baking Club seeks to build each other through our intentional use of time and patience as we work with one another. In the kneading of the dough, mixing of batter, or waiting for the oven timer, we will aim to start and end prayerfully. In waiting we can turn to each other in fruitful contemplation and discussion. In the breaking of the bread, when we have our finished product, it is vital to take time to either enjoy it ourselves or share it with others outside the club. Students use their time and culinary skills in community and take delight in their simple service to others.

Club Leader: Emily Bowdish

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