Gaming Club

The JPCatholic Gaming Club brings students together around our shared interest in video games and board games. If you’re into video games like Super Smash Bros., Among Us, or League of Legends, or into strategy games like Catan, Cryptid, and Dominion, or into party games like Coup or Codenames – or really any kind of game – this club is for you!

The Gaming Club puts on frequent events for the student body. Students can expect events throughout the quarter such as a live-streamed Super Smash Bros. Tournament we call “Pelican Pummel”, Board Game Night, Among Us events, and potentially even Overnight Game Sesh.

So if you need a break from homework, or just want to hang out and have some fun, come join us at the Gaming Club’s events!

Club Leader: Christian Doche
Instagram: @jpcgamingclub

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