Symposium Club

Symposiums were a part of Ancient Greek Culture where individuals gathered to drink, eat and discuss a certain topic. Here at JPCatholic, we have taken the same objective of that gathering by providing young adults a fun place to come together and have open discussions about philosophical, theological, and current trending topics, all while encouraging thoughts, ideas, and opinions.

Our two main focuses:

  1. We aim to provide a fun environment for students to come together without the fear of being judged or shut down for their views or opinions.
  2. It's a club for students to hang out and have a friendly group discussion with other JPCatholic students.

Each month we will have a new topic up for discussion. Topics will be chosen by (you) students or symposium club leaders. You're all encouraged to suggest discussion topics, we want to hear your ideas!

Meeting times will be posted a couple of days/weeks prior to the club dates.Prompts will be integrated throughout to lead a swift-moving discussion.

Club Leader: Dominic Quirk
Instagram: @jpcu_symposiumclub

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