Title IX and Sex Discrimination

What is Title IX?

Title IX is a law, passed under the Education Amendments of 1972, which protects people from discrimination based on sex in education programs and activities that receive federal financial assistance.

It covers sex discrimination by employees, students or third parties.

What does sex discrimination include?

  • Unfavorable or unequal treatment because of a person's sex (or related concern, such as pregnancy)
  • Sexual harassment
  • Sexual assault or other forms of nonconsensual sexual conduct
  • Relationship, dating, or domestic violence
  • Stalking (if relationship-based)

How do you report sex discrimination?

JPCatholic has designated one employee who is responsible for coordinating the school's compliance with Title IX, the Title IX Coordinator. This person is:
Anna Velasco, Assistant VP of Human Resources, avelasco@jpcatholic.com


You may contact the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights directly at:

403 Maryland Ave., SW
Washington, D.C.20202-1100
(202) 245-6800
FAX: (202) 245-6840
TDD: (877) 521-2172
Email: ocr@ed.gov
Web: http://www.ed.gov/ocr

What is your obligation as faculty/staff if you know about sex discrimination at JPCatholic?

For our purposes at JPCatholic, faculty and staff are required to report all incidents of sex discrimination, including the behaviors listed above, to the Title IX Coordinator within 24 hours of becoming aware of the incident. (Counselors, health care providers, and clergy are exempt from mandatory reporting.)