Visionaries Wanted!

JPCatholic exists for one reason – to impact culture for Christ. Businesses are not isolated; they affect culture, laws, and people, and that is why our students strive to make a positive difference via their careers in business. Through our well-rounded business programs, students become skilled entrepreneurs, marketers, and leaders with the ability to integrate the teachings of Jesus Christ into their everyday work. Students learn how to live and work ethically, not just strive for efficiency and the bottom line, creating meaningful change within themselves and the world.

At JPCatholic, you’ll have the option to choose from three emphases: Creative Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Management, Marketing & Advertising. The most effective way of learning is to learn by doing, and applied learning is at the core of the entire business program. In fact, in our Business LaunchPad, you have the chance to start your own company while you’re still a student, guided by the mentorship of faculty who have been in your shoes.

“The degree of well-being that society enjoys today would have been impossible without the dynamic figure of the entrepreneur, whose function consists in organizing human labor and the means of production in order to produce goods and services.”


General Education

Understand Business in a larger context and become a well rounded professional.


Impact culture for Christ and grow in faith and understanding through a rich sequence of Scripture based Theology courses.


Problem solve and reason through major questions of life while learning to break down and synthesize complex ideas and information through the Philosophy sequence.


Study the human condition and be at the forefront of business that puts people over profits by actively engaging in an exploration of art, literature, culture, politics, economics, and more.


Build Your Own Company

The Business LaunchPad program is an optional sequence of courses that gives students foundational knowledge and professional mentorship to conceive, nurture, and launch a real company.

The LaunchPad program offers an environment where the likelihood of your company’s success can be significantly increased, and your risk from failures and setbacks is minimized. Passion and hard work are required for students to participate. The experience is rigorous, time-intensive, and takes seriously the academic and hands-on commitment required to nurture sustainable startup companies. It also can be a highly rewarding experience with many startup LaunchPad companies now celebrating their multi-year growth and success.

Once a student completes the LaunchPad sequence of class courses and graduates, they can join the startup LaunchPad incubator, and receive ongoing weekly mentorship with a seasoned business professional.


Show Employers Your Leadership Skills

The Leadership Honors Program is designed for students looking to grow in their leadership skills and create lasting positive change. The class sequence is in interdisciplinary seminar format, which encourages discussion, collaboration, and critical thinking, while its experiential learning, co-curricular community engagement and social activities build and develop deep relationships.


Our Authentically Catholic Community

Our campus is a place where students can grow both professionally and spiritually. We’re a unique community of artists and innovators, centered around our faith in Jesus Christ and the beauty of the Catholic faith. Immerse yourself in an abundance of opportunities for spiritual growth, including Daily Mass, Confession, Adoration, Rosary, Retreats, and Service Projects.


Our Small Campus Environment

With a total student body under 300, JPCatholic offers a warm, tight-knit campus community. Foster lifelong friendships, form creative partnerships, and surround yourself with a supportive environment that encourages your growth in both virtue and professional excellence.


Graduate in 3 Years

Our unique academic model prepares students for the real-world pace of professional life with a focus on hands-on projects and internships. The program is structured on a year-round quarter system, and you graduate with your Bachelors Degree in just 12 quarters. Each quarter is 10 weeks long, with about 3 weeks of break between each quarter.


Alumni Success

JPCatholic alumni have found success in a variety of paths, ranging from Hollywood to independent media organizations, and from large corporations to nonprofits to their own entrepreneurial start-ups. View our placement rate and alumni jobs by clicking below.


Located in San Diego County

John Paul the Great Catholic University is centered in north county San Diego, just a 35-minute drive from downtown in America's Finest City. Southern California is famous for its fantastic weather, beautiful beaches and mountains, and bustling metropolitan areas. Our campus is just 15 miles from the beach, a short trip by car or train.


Study Abroad

JPCatholic offers a unique model of study abroad with a variety of destinations. Each trip is an interactive academic experience that starts with ten weeks of classroom instruction on-campus here in Escondido and culminates in a week or two of travel led by the professor. Destinations may be international or domestic, and each course is specially designed to provide a unique cultural and educational experience to the student.


Hear from Students and Professors

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Meet the Faculty

With small class sizes and mentorship, our professors get to know your goals and are passionate about helping you achieve them. They bring significant experience to the table from diverse areas of business, including executive management, international business, social media marketing, accounting, and more.

Dr. Jerry Jackson

Dr. Jerry Jackson

Professor of Business

Derry Connolly

Dr. Derry Connolly

Professor of Business

Vernon Mortensen

Vernon Mortensen

Professor of Film Producing and Distribution

Brad Bartlett

Brad Bartlett

Adjunct Professor of Law

Marc Burch

Marc Burch

Adjunct Professor of Business & LaunchPad Mentor

Bob Keith

Bob Keith

Chief Academic Officer & Professor of Creative Entrepreneurship

Angie Germain

Angie Germain

Adjunct Professor of Business

Chris Clark

Chris Clark

Adjunct Professor of Design & Marketing


"The professors with their practical insights and encouragement are one of my favorite things about the program. They have a lot of wisdom we can learn from.”

Devanie Cooper
Class of 2014
Co-Owner and Manager, St. Paul Book and Gift Store, Memphis, TN

"The professors are not just academic: they do not preach solely from the textbook. The lessons come from real life past successes and war stories, applying textbook theories into real life business.”

Matt Martinusen
Class of 2015
Senior Digital Marketing Specialist, Collegis Education
Curator of The Ultimate Catholic Comic Book

"An entrepreneur can create value in any situation; if there are no jobs, we make them. That is why I went to JPCatholic. I was blessed with an integrated educational experience.”

Stephen Flemings
Class of 2011
Partner, Yellow Line Digital