Visionaries Wanted

Stories impact us in profound ways. Good stories can inspire and touch our souls; they bring freshness, life, understanding and clarity to our human experience. They can draw us closer to God and to Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. They are at the core of the entertainment which shapes our culture and society. Under the guidance of experienced writers, students study the discipline and craft of powerfully telling stories for multiple mediums, whether that be a, novel, short story, or screenplay.

St. John Paul the Great, a writer and artist himself, wrote extensively to encourage artists to develop their “divine spark” in order to create works whose excellence communicates truth and beauty. Many career paths after graduation are available to students in the Creative Writing & Screenwriting emphasis, but they are all oriented to contributing to the common good.

“Society needs artists...they not only enrich the cultural heritage of each nation and of all humanity, but they also render an exceptional social service in favor of the common good.”


Writing Curriculum




General Education


Impact culture for Christ and grow in faith and understanding through a rich sequence of Scripture based Theology courses and Philosophy courses.


Prepare yourself for the industry with foundational skills in marketing, management, and entrepreneurial thinking.


Study the human condition by actively engaging in an exploration of literature, art, culture, politics, economics, and more.


Our Authentically Catholic Community

Our campus is a place where students can grow both professionally and spiritually. We’re a unique community of artists and innovators, centered around our faith in Jesus Christ and the beauty of the Catholic faith. Immerse yourself in an abundance of opportunities for spiritual growth, including Daily Mass, Confession, Adoration, Rosary, Retreats, and Service Projects.


Our Small Campus Environment

With a total student body under 300, JPCatholic offers a warm, tight-knit campus community. Foster lifelong friendships, form creative partnerships, and surround yourself with a supportive environment that encourages your growth in both virtue and artistic excellence.


Graduate in 3 Years

Our unique academic model prepares students for the real-world pace of professional life in the industry, with a focus on hands-on projects, internships, and portfolio preparation. The program is structured on a year-round quarter system, and you graduate with your Bachelors Degree in just 12 quarters. Each quarter is 10 weeks long, with about 3 weeks of break between each quarter.


Alumni Success

JPCatholic alumni have found success in a variety of paths, ranging from Hollywood to independent media organizations, and from large corporations to nonprofits to their own entrepreneurial start-ups. View our placement rate and alumni jobs by clicking below.


Located in San Diego County

John Paul the Great Catholic University is centered in north county San Diego, just a 35-minute drive from downtown in America's Finest City. Southern California is famous for its fantastic weather, beautiful beaches and mountains, and bustling metropolitan areas. Our campus is just 15 miles from the beach, a short trip by car or train. And with Los Angeles and Hollywood within striking distance, students have even more opportunities for internships and networking.


Quarter in L.A.

As upperclassmen, media students have the opportunity to live in Burbank for a quarter, located right up the street from the Warner Bros. studio lot. These 8 weeks open up a host of new opportunities for internships, networking, and experiencing life in the entertainment capital of the world.


Meet the Faculty

With small class sizes and mentorship, professors are able to provide individualized training. They bring decades of experience and unique perspectives from backgrounds.

Chris Riley

Chris Riley

Professor of Story

Julie Anne Stevens

Dr. Julie Anne Stevens

Professor of Creative Writing

Steven Kramp

Steven Kramp

Professor of Creative Writing and Chair of Humanities and Theology

Vernon Mortensen

Vernon Mortensen

Professor of Film Producing and Distribution

Angie Bitsko

Angie Bitsko

Professor of Acting

Sheryl Anderson

Sheryl Anderson

Adjunct Professor of Screenwriting

Hear from Students & Professors

Joshua David MG: Writing to Express Yourself | Why We Create

Professor Nathan Scoggins: Why do stories impact us? | Crash Course in Storytelling

Why Study Poetry?

Making an ASL Film | Acting Thesis Project Rose and Raven

Practice Pitching While You Watch TV | Crash Course in Storytelling

Translating Visual Style from Script to Screen: Behind the Scenes with Merrick Carlyle Has a Problem

How to Get Christian Themes Greenlit | Impacting Culture Speaker Series (Selects)


“Going to JPCatholic was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my entire life – not only for the educational piece but also because of the people I encountered going there. They are my rocks, my support system, they are my family.”

Danielle Badillo
Class of 2010

“JPCatholic provided me with two fantastic things: a network of great, talented, driven friends and mentors, and classes that gave me some hard skills and the knowledge of how to organize and work creatively with people.”

Matt Salisbury
Class of 2011

“Being part of JPCatholic has given me the opportunity to immerse myself in Catholic theology, while learning how to effectively teach it through relevant media, in the context of innovative business models… all on a campus where the Blessed Sacrament is available 24/7 and Confession and Mass are offered daily.”

Leah Murphy
Class of 2014