An Internship is a crucial opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills you have acquired in the classroom to a real-world environment. Internships are a compelling addition to the Resumé content of anyone looking to enter the job market and can leverage opportunities only available to students. JPCatholic desires that all students complete at least one successful Internship and expects students work closely with faculty and staff so as to achieve that goal.

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Dates to Remember

May 5th Submit Internship Letter of Intent
May 19th Submit Internship Application

Internship Letter of Intent

Submit your Internship Letter of Intent via the following form:

Go To Form

Internship Application

The Internship Application is available as a PDF:

Download PDF

To assist in obtaining your employer's signature, the Memorandum of Understanding (last page of Internship Application) is also available as a separate PDF:

Memorandum of Understanding

Steps to Register for an Internship

  1. Verify your eligibility:
    • Must be a junior (90 units) or higher
    • Have space in your degree plan for an internship (elective space)
    • An internship may be taken for credit up to 3 times
    • Available space in your class schedule for the upcoming quarter
    • Internship opportunity will provide 90+ hours of work within a quarter
    • Internship opportunity furthers your academic & career goals based on your degree
  2. Identify and invite a full-time faculty member to oversee your internship
  3. Complete the Internship Letter of Intent (LOI) form when submitting registration requests
  4. Begin Internship Placement Process with Career Services Department
    • Schedule a 15-minute Internship Process Introduction meeting. This meeting enables Career Services to understand your goals and timeline for your desired internship. After the introduction meeting, Career Services will research opportunities while you also look for desirable companies that fit your goals.
    • The next step is to schedule a 30-minute Internship Planning meeting. This meeting brings together the research conducted since the last meeting to create a battle plan to execute on within the desired timeline.
    • Lastly, Career Services will regularly schedule 15-minute Internship Follow-up meetings to assess your progress and provide additional support.
  5. Secure employment company and meet for interview with direct boss or hiring manager
    • Obtain the employer’s signature on the Memorandum of Understanding
  6. Meet with instructor to discuss:
    • Outcomes
    • Assignments
    • Final reflection paper
    • Obtain approval with signature
  7. Schedule meeting with the Registrar by deadline to finalize internship approval proccess: