Academic Maps

These academic maps are a useful outline of degree requirements. The maps are organized by academic year, major, and emphasis. It is strongly encouraged that students keep a copy of these maps and update them as they complete degree requirements.

Important: Take care to choose the academic year that corresponds to when you began attending. Degree requirements are updated each year for each new incoming cohort. It is important to follow the requirements that correlate to your degree plan. If you are uncertain on what catalog year your degree plan is under, contact the Registrar's Office. Where possible, prerequsites have been inculded in the maps to assist in planning. However, courses are sometimes updated and prerequisites may change.

For a list of courses already completed, you may request a degree audit from the Registrar's Office. Students pursuing a complex degree plan, including double majoring or double emphasizing, should speak with the Registrar's Office before using these maps.

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