Overview for Nonimmigrant Student (F1) Applicants

Interested Nonimmigrant students should note the following information:

  • General information on studying in the United States can be found at this website.
  • Complete all admissions application requirements; this must include an officially translated and evaluated copy of your transcripts (WES or IEE is recommended) and English Proficiency Scores. Any student with items missing items from their application will not be issued an I-20.
  • Language of Instruction: All instruction is in English.
  • English Proficiency: Student applicants must fulfill certain English proficiency requirements to be admitted. The minimum requirements are listed below. Applicants who satisfy these requirements will not automatically be accepted. JPCatholic carefully reviews the background and qualifications of each applicant to ensure that those admitted will have a successful experience.
  • Language Requirements: Non-native English speaking applicants must submit one of the following test scores:
    • TOEFL iBT: 80
    • IELTS: 6.5
    • Cambridge (Advanced and Proficiency Exams): Pass
    • Duolingo English Test: 105
  • Students must must document their ability to pay for the first 12 months of the average 'Cost of Attendance' (including living expenses; we utilize the California Student Aid Commission Student Expense Budgets to determine those dollar amounts) prior to issuance of the I-20. For more information, see 'F1 Student Visa Overview' and 'Affidavit of Financial Support', below.
  • Students must not expect to work in the first year of their program; this includes both work for pay as well as internships for academic credit (also referred to as Optional Practical Training, or OPT). Due to the restrictions barring off-campus work and limited availability of on-campus positions, it is impractical to anticipate any funding from these sources.
  • Students must maintain a full course load (for undergraduates, 12 or more credits) to maintain their F1 visa status. Students desiring to transfer credit should keep this in mind due to our limited class availability.
  • Students must abide by all University policies, including those listed in the University Catalog, Student Handbooks, or other direction from University officials. It is recommended that you review all documentation prior to enrolling.


Please contact the Admissions Office with any general admissions inquiries. Questions specific to the information above can be directed to Lisa Williams at lwilliams@jpcatholic.edu.