Households at JPCatholic

The challenge set before us Catholics is to bring Christ into the world by becoming Christ. This is at the heart of the mission here at John Paul the Great Catholic University and it is the reason why we have been encouraging, developing, and implementing “households” here on campus.

“Households” are a concept we borrowed from Franciscan University of Steubenville. They are student-led groups of men or women of the same sex who form spiritual bonds of friendship through a common mission and spiritual charism. Joining a household is optional, and interested students can often attend household events as a guest or intent.

Each household is held together by core commitments and devotions that help foster their own specific spirituality and mission. Their goal is to pursue holiness together by common prayer and fellowship, giving to them the experience of an intimate Christian community while here on campus. We believe that households are foundational for giving our students the encounter they need to be impacted by Christ before they go out to Impact Culture for Christ.

Female Households

Daughters of the Living Water
Student Coordinators: Donna Lalonde & Tess Plaisted

Blue Guadalupe
Student Coordinator: Genevieve Pride & Kyra McAlister

Male Households

Brothers of the Fiat
Student Coordinator: Alec Williams

Interested in starting a new household?

Contact Eleazar Palma: or Cassidy Van Vooren:

Download Ministry Handbook

Building Community: Households Overview