Annual Winter Retreat

Jesus calls all of us to a deeper communion with him. Very often, our day to day lives can get hectic and filled with noise that distracts us from the things that truly matter.

To help students refocus, JPCatholic offers an annual weekend retreat at an off-campus retreat center. This experience provides an opportunity for students to relax and rejuvenate from the stress of classes and projects, and most importantly, to encounter Christ in a new and profound way. This retreat is led by our Student Life Director team as well as our chaplain Fr. Sarfraz.

Other Retreats

In addition, JPCatholic offers smaller retreats throughout the school year, in order to accommodate more students’ schedules and provide frequent opportunities to grow spiritually. These day-long retreats involve talks, worship, and community building exercises. The school will also offer a three-day silent retreat for students who are interested in this specific style of retreat and prayer.