Annual Winter Retreat

JPCatholic has a unique variety of retreats available to our students throughout the year from the Silent Retreat to the Impact Retreat to the Koinonia Retreats.

The JPCatholic retreat experience provides a three-fold opportunity for our students. First, to encounter Christ in a new and profound way, second to set aside the normal activities of the week to re-center on Jesus and rest in His loving gaze, and finally, service opportunities for students to give of their time, talents, and person to serve their fellow classmates on the retreat team. By providing these quarterly retreats, led by the Student Life Team, our goal is to encourage the JPCatholic community to remain centered on Christ despite the sometime chaotic demands of our day-to-day lives.

Other Retreats

In addition, JPCatholic offers smaller retreats throughout the school year, in order to accommodate more students’ schedules and provide frequent opportunities to grow spiritually. These day-long retreats involve talks, worship, and community building exercises. The school will also offer a three-day silent retreat for students who are interested in this specific style of retreat and prayer.