My Success Plan and Academic Advising

My Success Plan (MSP) is JPCatholic’s framework for holistic student formation in which all students are required to participate. MSP provides guidance and support to students based on their individual needs, strengths, and goals for their future. Students meet with faculty and staff members on a regular basis to provide support, feedback, and guidance.

The MSP process is coordinated and led by the Office of Student Formation and Campus Life. Within the MSP process, students reflect and focus upon the four pillars of Christian Formation (human, spiritual, intellectual, and formation for mission/impact). They set goals for short-term and long-term growth, and later, assess themselves on progress towards their goals.

The VP for Student Formation and Campus Life, the Counselor, and the Directors for Student Life will meet with students individually and in small groups to support students’ academic, spiritual, and personal growth. Additionally, the Counselor will be available to meet with individual students who may have additional needs for support, such as mental health and wellness.

The Career Services and Development Advisor will guide students in formation for mission/impact by assisting those who may want a part-time job, researching and locating internships, and helping students develop a career path and prepare to enter the workforce after graduation.

An Academic Map is created for each student by the Registrar’s Office in order to ensure timely completion of graduation requirements. Students are required meet with the Registrar’s Office during their Freshman and Junior years and are encouraged to consult the Registrar’s Office for academic advising as needed.

A Faculty Mentor is assigned to each student to support their academic growth in their field of study. Students are strongly encouraged to regularly meet with their Faculty Mentors during the professor’s office hours. Faculty Mentors work with students in the following areas: provide general academic and curricular information; monitor academic progress and recommend supplemental services as needed; support students’ development of professional skills; and assist students with decision-making strategies as they discern their future career path.

It is the student’s responsibility to schedule all necessary appointments with faculty and staff members according to the Timeline & Tasks for My Success Plan. Meetings with the Office of Student Life and the Registrar’s Office are required, while meetings with Career Services and Faculty Mentors must be student-initiated. Before attending an appointment, students must adequately prepare for the meeting, complete the appropriate MSP tasks during or after the meeting, and then submit necessary documentation to the Office of Student Life. Incomplete meetings and tasks may result in fines or holds on accounts which will impede registration.

Questions regarding the MSP process should be directed to the Office of Student Formation and Campus Life.