My Success Plan

My Success Plan, or MSP, is a Student Life program that supports all students at JPCatholic in three formation areas:

1. Academic
2. Social
3. Spiritual

The main goal of MSP is to provide guidance and support for all students to thrive at JPCatholic and to Love in Action and Truth on campus. MSP is also designed to prepare students to leave JPCatholic ready to enter their respective fields and Impact Culture for Christ. Each student has an MSP, and every MSP will look a little different depending on the student’s interests, strengths, and needs. In addition, MSPs are always both personal and integrated because students grow in these formation areas through personal reflection and effort as well as collaboration with others.

Structure of MSP

MSP is founded on four “cornerstone” meetings that generally occur in Quarters 1, 3, 6, and 12. They will be organized and led by a Student Life Director. It is the student’s responsibility to respond to invitations for MSP meetings by preparing for the meeting and arriving on time.

Quarter 1 Meeting:

Help Student Life get to know you by sharing your background, interests, strengths, and needs. Student Life wants to learn about you, help with any personal difficulties, and share potential ways to get you involved at JPCatholic.

Quarter 3 Meeting:

Plan a goal in one formation area (academic, social, or spiritual). Student Life will help you develop this goal if needed.

Quarter 6 Meeting:

Evaluate success of your initial goal and overall success as a student. Student Life will help you determine how successful you have been at JPCatholic in the three formation areas and help guide you to overcome difficulties or set new challenges.

Quarter 12 Meeting:

Reflect on your overall success at JPCatholic, but especially your progress in the three formation areas. This meeting may involve creating new goals for when you graduate from JPCatholic.

MSP can be more expansive and encompassing than four meetings though: students are encouraged to collaborate consistently with staff, faculty, students, or relevant third parties to increase personal growth, produce value while at JPCatholic, and prepare for life after college.

Why MSP?

MSP is valued at JPCatholic because we know many students consider how they will grow socially and spiritually as much as they consider their academic growth when deciding on a college. We provide this unity through the MSP program so every student is provided with guidance, opportunities, and resources to Love in Action and Truth.

If you need support in or have questions about your academic, social, or spiritual life, please fill out the Student Support Request Form and Student Life will get back to you soon after it is submitted.