Peer Mentor Program

The Peer Mentor Program is a free, optional resource designed to support student success and well-being. Students who express interest in the program will be assigned a Peer Mentor, an upperclassman who can serve as a resource to help you thrive at JPCatholic.

The role of a Peer Mentor is 80% academic and 20% social. Peer Mentors are assigned to each student based on their areas of knowledge and academic emphasis.

Through one-on-one meetings, Peer Mentors work to understand a student’s current academic or social struggle. From there, the Peer Mentor uses his or her knowledge and experience to guide the student to better understanding of academic material, resources offered on campus, and/or accompanying the student to different social events. The ultimate goal is to help the student find comfort by guiding them to overcome challenges they are facing and creating a bond with a student mentor.

Students interested in receiving a Peer Mentor should submit this request form.

Are you interested in working as a Peer Mentor? Email Joe Sleman: