Our Mission: Impact Culture for Christ

Many of the values that make up our contemporary society are formed in large part by the Creative Arts. What we consume through media and entertainment shapes how our culture views the world.

At JPCatholic, our academic community is called and convicted to use our Christian values to move culture toward what is True, Good and most of all Beautiful. We have created a space which brings together artists, storytellers, designers, leaders, and entrepreneurs; a place where ideas come alive, where crafts are honed, and where students are prepared to be the influential voices in their field.

Our primary commitment is on fostering our relationship and encounter with Jesus Christ. With a deep sacramental life and a strong Catholic identity, we strive to build a community that responds to JPII's call for artists to put their art “at the service of their neighbor and of humanity as a whole” (Letter to Artists, 2003).

In our creative hub, we focus on excellence in our craft and we strive to produce meaningful art which points audiences toward Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. JPCatholic brings together students from all creative disciplines, in a place which nurtures creativity and deepens mastery, as well as cultivates deep friendships rooted in Christ.

On campus, creativity and innovation meet leadership and entrepreneurship. Students learn theory and practice in an environment which places strong emphasis on hands-on projects, internships, and portfolio building. Students prepare to become champions of virtue in their professional fields after graduation and a voice to impact Culture for Christ.