Vision & Mission


To send innovative and determined graduates, who know and love Jesus, to boldly proclaim His Gospel in culture impacting fields.

Mission and Core Purpose

To impact culture for Christ by forming students as creators and innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs in the Creative Arts and Business Innovation and steeped in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition.

Beliefs and Core Values

JPCatholic is built on three core values that define our fundamental beliefs:

  • To put into action in our lives the teachings of Jesus Christ, being faithful to His word.
    Our Catholic commitment is organically embedded in a total, active and joyous life of faith. It aspires to dynamically develop the student's personal knowledge of and relationship with God through an ongoing and active prayer life, both personal and communal, and a thorough knowledge of scripture, thus leading to an active living of God's commandments.
  • To develop all students and staff spiritually, personally and intellectually.
    We recognize that our student's vocation is intellectual development with the ultimate purpose of becoming a mature, productive, creative and responsible citizen. Our greatest resources are our people, and we pledge to treat each person with dignity and respect. We welcome and respect all students, faculty and staff and appreciate the diversity among our community with respect to age, intellectual talents, financial resources, creed and ethnic background.
  • To put into practice within the university what we teach, by being innovative with our curriculum development, pioneering in our educational niche, and entrepreneurial in defining our future.
    We provide an education that: emphasizes the integration of theory with practice; enhances the professional competence and ethical judgment of our students; and has a particular focus on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. We, in our internal business processes and procedure, practice the very principles we teach. We recognize the need to maintain leadership in our niche and we are boldly entrepreneurial in maintaining our position as a leading teaching university.