Branding Identity Guidelines

Dear JPCatholic Staff,

In order to maintain a consistent message, please adhere to this branding guide when creating documents like forms and graphics, or when associating with the general public outside of the University. Each of these interactions functions as a touchpoint to the outside world, so we should strive for cohesion and unity to more effectively carry out our mission to Impact Culture for Christ.

JPCatholic Shortname

As John Paul the Great Catholic University has grown and developed, it has developed the shortname "JPCatholic" both inside and outside of the University's culture. Because JPCatholic can be confused as the actual name of the University, the following guidelines should be used consistently to keep it associated with the John Paul the Great Catholic University brand.

  • JPCatholic is the official shortname of the University. In order to maintain consistency, please refrain from using other names, including:
      - JPCU
      - John Paul the Second University
      - JP2 University
  • JPCatholic is spelled with no space between JP and Catholic (JPCatholic, not JP Catholic)
  • JPCatholic is normally used on its own (i.e. not JPCatholic University)
    Please do not use without prior approval
  • The first instance of the University's name in a document should be the longform name - John Paul the Great Catholic University. The logo can count as the first instance of this longform name, as long as it is reasonably close to the first instance of "JPCatholic" so the viewer can visually associate the two names as the same institution.
  • When addressing potential students that have had little to no exposure to the school in the past, representatives should greet them with the longform name to avoid confusion.
  • Once the potential student has had a few followup conversations with school representatives, it is fine to greet them with the JPCatholic shortname.
  • Overall, the first few touchpoints an outsider has with the University should be with John Paul the Great Catholic University, and can then migrate to JPCatholic as appropriate.

University Seal

The JPCatholic seal is not our logo, and it is meant to be used sparingly. It is primarily used for formal university-wide occasions and events like as a stamp on our diplomas or a symbol at commencement ceremonies.

JPCatholic Seal Full Color Light Background
JPCatholic Seal Red Color Light Background
JPCatholic Seal Light Color Red Background


Web typography and print typography will be slightly different, as printed letters need to be thicker to be legible. Both use Source Sans Pro and Roboto 2014, typefaces available for free on several typography distribution websites. The guidelines for both web and print typography are below.

Typography Usage

  • Page Headline: Source Sans Pro - Bold 700
  • Headers: Source Sans Pro - Bold 700
  • Body Text: Roboto - Regular 400
  • Bold Body Text: Roboto - Bold 700
Roboto and Source Sans Pro Typography


Primary Colors


CMYK 0,100,93,42

RGB 147,0,11

PMS 187 C


CMYK 0,9,27,13

RGB 223,202,162

PMS 467 C


CMYK 0,3,9,4

RGB 246,238,223

PMS 468 C tint 50%


CMYK 72,66,65,73

RGB 33,33,33

PMS Neutral Black C

Secondary Colors


CMYK 24,91,78,16

RGB 1697,52,57

PMS 1807 C


CMYK 0,0,0,67

RGB 85,85,85

PMS Warm Gray 10 C


CMYK 72,0,14,49

RGB 37,130,112

PMS 625 C


CMYK 0,0,0,44

RGB 142,142,142

PMS 436 C


The template is the first step to try and take some guess work out of creating docs, so they can be made quickly and with proper branding. They are currently only available for the Mac OS word processor called Pages. One template has the logo centered in the header, the other has the logo left-aligned with the document title on the right. These docs are not intended to be mandatory for in-house documents. They are simply here to streamline and unify documents. You do not need to replace old documents with these templates.

For access to the files for use on documents or other applications or if you have any questions, please email Art Director, Adela Rinadi at