Career Services Center

The Career Services Center facilitates opportunities for JP Catholic students to build relationships for employment, internships, mentoring, and networking experiences with the Southern California professional community.

Mission Statement
Guided by the University's commitment to the personal success of its students, the Career Services Center assists students discern their future career aspirations and goals. JP Catholic encourages all students to start thinking about their future career aspirations from their first quarter on campus. Student career planning is incorporated into the 'Formation for Mission' component of the student's Personal Plan for Success. The student, with their academic advisor and the CSC director, develops a plan for a progression of job experiences from entry level retail, to a career focussed internship, to a part-time career focussed job, to a full-time job on graduation. By having career aspirations and planning always in mind, the student, on graduation, is better equipped to carry out the University's mission to impact culture for Christ.


  1. Explore Careers
    Discover and explore the true breadth of careers available to you. Assessment tools are available that can help identify a student's interests, skills, and work values.
  2. Gain Experience
    The benefit of finding an internship or volunteer position is to acquire professional work experience related to one's academic major or career interest; apply theories learned in the classroom to the workplace, and develop a better understanding of the professional demands and requirements of a particular career field. It allows one to gain confidence in making the transition from being a student to the world of work.
  3. Get a Job
    The CSC helps students to build their network, to have their resume critiqued, to utilize online resources, and to meet employers.
  4. Consider Graduate School
    Explore options, find field-specific guidance, meet recruiters and view resources to effectively prepare and apply.

Director: Debra Culbertson

Office: 220 W. Grand Ave.

Career Services Facebook Page. This is an informational group for students and alumni of JPCatholic. Information on internships, gigs, part-time jobs, and full-time jobs will be posted here.