Laptop Computer Requirement

All JPCatholic students must have a laptop computer. Please review the information below to see which hardware and software you should acquire. Each item is required unless otherwise noted.

All Students
  • Laptop Computer (Mac or PC is fine)
  • Microsoft Office Home & Student (Alternatively, you can simply use products like Google Docs and Google Sheets for free.)
All B.S. in Communications Media students
  • External Hard Drive
  • At least 500 GB recommended; should have Thunderbolt and/or USB 3.0 Port.
Screenwriting students
  • Final Draft screenwriting software
Animation and Game Development students
  • Recommended Hardware (Optional)
    • A Mac or PC laptop with the following specifications:
      • Mac: Top of the line MacBook Pro with Intel i7 Processor, Nvidia or Radeon 2GB VRAM video card, 16GB RAM, 512SSD, latest MacOS.
      • PC: HP Omen with Intel i7 Processor, Nvidia 2GB VRAM video card, 16GB RAM, 512SSD, Windows 10.
    • 3-button mouse
  • Recommended Software (Optional)
    • Autodesk Maya (free)
    • Unreal Engine 4 (free)
    • Optional: Adobe CC monthly subscription
    • Optional: Substance Designer and Substance Painter (free)


While computers in the media lab are available for media classes and assignments, various courses require that students take quizzes on their laptop while in the classroom. Furthermore, most students find a laptop to be a necessary aspect of college academics for homework, research, etc.

No. Any laptops, hardware, or software are to be purchased from independent vendors of your choice.

Some hardware and software providers provide education discounts to those who can prove they are a student.

JPCatholic Students will be given a Student ID badge during Orientation week. In order to take advantage of student discounts for anything purchased before then, you may be able to use your JPCatholic Acceptance letter as proof of your status as a student. You may also be able to use your high school ID, email address, or paperwork as proof of your status.

If none of the above works for you, please email your Admissions representative for further assistance.

Mac is preferable, but a PC is fine.

That will depend on what software you need or wish to run on it. Please view the system requirements for all software you need by going to their respective websites:

You may, but it is not a requirement. Adobe CC is available in the university’s media labs. However, some media students wish to have Adobe CC on their own laptop as a matter of convenience.

All media students are required to have an external hard drive for their class projects. In order to keep the iMacs in the editing lab running smoothly, no student projects may be stored on those machines. Note that you may need to purchase additional external hard drives throughout your time at JPCatholic. We recommend you start with at least 500 GB of space.

Yes. If you choose to have a tablet instead, you should purchase a compatible keyboard.