Double Major, Double Emphases, and Minors

Pending Registrar approval, you may pursue a double major, double emphasis, or minor. The distinction between these terms can be confusing, and we encourage you to contact Admissions if you have any questions.

Double Major

A double major at JPCatholic would have to complete the major core requirements for two different degree programs. For example, to achieve a double major in Business Creative Entrepreneurship and Communications Film Producing, a student must fulfill the requirements of both the major core and emphasis requirements. Please note that pursuing a double major may take longer than 12 quarters.

Double Emphasis

A Double Emphasis is defined by pursuing two emphases within the same major. For example, if you wanted to pursue both Directing and Post-Production within the Communications Media Degree, you would be considered a double emphasis student. Please note that certain combinations may increase time to graduation.


A minor gives a student the ability pursue a competency outside of their degree program without having to fulfill all of the degree requirements of a double-major. For example, if a student is enrolled in the Acting for the Stage and Screen program and would like to learn more business without being an actual Business Major, the Business Minor would be a great option. To achieve the Business Minor, the student would only have to complete nine business courses.