JPCatholic's Europe Trip

Unlike many study abroad or spring break trips, our program is short, intensive, and focused on understanding how Christianity impacted European culture from the early Church through the Medieval and Renaissance periods.

The Europe trip is normally offered every March break, for about 2 weeks. Students first head to London, spending several days in this spectacularly diverse and historically rich capital of England. They visit the Globe theatre, the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey and a wealth of other cultural sites.

We next take a change of pace, spending almost a week in County Cork, Ireland, residing in quaint cabins in a quiet village which grew up around a monastery established by St. Fachtna in the 500s AD. There is plenty of time to hike the stunning countryside, explore ancient ruins, and just relax in front of the fireplace.

Finally, it’s Italy. The culmination of the trip is arriving in Rome and attending Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica. Here, the Faith comes alive; standing with hundreds of our brothers and sisters from around the world, we experience not a stale and stagnant history, but the vibrant Universal Church.