VA Benefits

Student process for VA Benefits at JPCatholic

  • Review Student Catalog
  • Review & return signed acknowledgement of the Veteran's Information Bulletin (VIB) obtained from the Financial Aid Office at JPCatholic
  • Submit VA Forms 22-1990 and/or 22-1995 to the VA Office (may be completed online at
  • Submit "Certificate of Eligibility" to the Financial Aid Office at JPCatholic
  • Provide any additional information, if requested

Helpful Information

  • VA Education Website:
  • Questions about your specific benefit should be directed to the VA Education Help Line at 1-888-442-4551, not JPCatholic.
  • Housing benefits are paid directly to the student after the month they are earned, so all housing and non-covered fees must be paid on the standard quarterly payment basis.
  • Tuition may be paid to the school or to the student, depending on the benefit Chapter; if not paid to the school, payments must be made by the standard payment deadline.
  • Annual tuition benefit maximums apply, so please be aware of your maximum and pay by the quarterly due date when payment is due to JPCatholic.
  • Courses must apply towards a student’s educational plan in order to be covered.