Financial Aid for Undergraduates

Nearly all financial aid is supplementary to the financial ability and commitment of students and their families. Some aid is considered 'gift' aid, and others 'self-help' aid. 'Gift' aid will not need to be repaid, but carry various requirements for eligibility. 'Self-help' aid includes employment and loans (money that must be repaid), and will most likely be the largest portion of aid.

Gift Aid

  1. Federal Education Grants (Pell Grants, FSEOG [Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunities Grants])
  2. Institutional Scholarships
  3. State Grants
  4. Private Scholarships & Grants

Self-Help Aid

  1. Part-time Employment (private employment or Federal Work Study)
  2. Stafford (Federal) Loans
  3. Private Loans

Most aid will require reapplication on a quarterly to annual basis. Guidance regarding the required frequency of action can be found on the page describing the respective program or by inquiry to the Financial Aid Office.