Academic Advising & Faculty Mentorship

Academic Advising at JPCatholic is a shared role between the Registrar’s Office, the students’ faculty mentor/s, and the Student Life team.

The Registrar’s office encourages students to meet with them each quarter during Registration Week. These meetings can answer questions about degree requirements, help optimize their class schedule, and assist students in selecting courses to ensure they meet their desired timeline for graduation. Students with transfer credit, pursuing minors, or pursuing double majors/emphases are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this resource.

Faculty mentors also play a key role in the students academic journey. In addition to academic advising, they provide support in career discernment, career planning, networking, and portfolio development. Meetings with faculty are arranged by the student on an as-needed basis, during scheduled office hours or set appointments. Faculty mentors are not assigned, and students have the freedom to connect with the professors most appropriate for their career goals. Students will often be mentored by the chair of their department, or may have multiple faculty mentors.

In addition, the Student Life team supports students’ academic progress through My Success Plan, as well as peer mentors and academic success coaches.