Administration Contact Directory

Name Position e-mail address
Annette Brown Bookkeeper  
Julia Carrano Dean of Students  
Derry Connolly President  
Lidy Connolly VP for Administration  
Joe Cross Director of Student Life  
Austin Schneider Director of Campus Ministry  
Deb Culbertson Director for Career Services and Student Success  
Prof. Kevin Culbertson Chair, Business  
Prof. Tom Dunn Chair, Communication Media  
Shannon Doran Facilities  
Stephanie Franco Office Manager - Admissions  
Gabe Geagea Student Recruiter  
Martin Harold VP of Admissions  
Nicholas Heye Registrar  
Maria Hotovy Student Recruiter  
Joe Houde Director of Admissions and Marketing 
Prof. Max Hulburt Chair, Animation & Game Development  
Jenise Leaser Financial Analyst 
Blake McClintock IT Support  
Kevin Meziere VP of Technology & Real Estate  
Joan Meziere Controller  
Clare Oven Assistant VP for Academic Affairs  
Melanie Quinn Librarian 
Josh Reznicek Executive Producer, Pelican Productions 
Adela Rinadi Graphic Designer  
Anna Velasco Assistant VP of Human Resources  
Jackie Wakelin Assistant Dean of Theology 
Lisa Williams Director of Financial Aid  
Amanda Valdovinos Student Recruiter