Undergraduate Financial Aid FAQ

Q. Can I use Veterans Affairs (GI-Bill) benefits at JPCatholic?

A. Yes. JPCatholic is approved by the California State Approving Agency to enroll veterans and other eligible persons as of July 2014. Eligible students in our Undergraduate, MBA, and MA programs that are taking their courses on campus can now receive their benefits at JPCatholic. Certificate courses are not eligible. If you have any questions, please email the Financial Aid Office.

Q. Is the FAFSA all that is required to receive Federal aid?

A. No. You must also complete a VFAO 'Interview' and Master Promissory Note for loans. You may also be required to provide additional documentation for verification.

Q. My parents do not claim me on their taxes - why am I considered Dependent?

A. The IRS and the Department of Education have different definitions of 'Dependent'; most undergraduate students will be considered dependent, regardless of whether their parents claim them for tax purposes or not. For a complete list of what makes a student independent, contact the Financial Aid Office.

Q. My parents are not going to pay for any of my school - why does their financial information have to be included?

A. The student and his/her family are primarily responsible for funding their education. A parent's philosophical choice not to fund their child's education or other obligations does not exempt them from this. If you are a dependent student (by Dept. of Education standards), then your family's resources must be evaluated in the same way as all other dependent students.

Q. My parents make too much money to qualify for Federal aid, so what private loan would you suggest?

A. There is not a specific income 'cut off' regarding who will be eligible for Federal aid; the formula is designed to look at a fairly comprehensive financial picture. We suggest that you complete the FAFSA and see the amount of Stafford Loans you are eligible for, and then apply to a private lender to close the remaining gap.