Undergraduate Institutional Aid Renewal

*Updated policy effective for all students 09/28/2016.

Financial Aid Renewal & Criteria

Students who maintain the grade standard listed in their award letter and maintain overall good standing with the University will have their financial aid automatically renewed. Students who do not fulfill their criteria as listed below risk losing all or some of their financial aid. Since grades provide the most objective metric of student commitment, the effect of the student's GPA on the renewal of financial aid is non-negotiable. If a student would like a copy of their award letter or are unsure of their institutional aid award they may contact the Financial Aid Office.

GPA will be checked on a quarterly basis after accumulating two quarters of grades at JPCatholic, and will affect a following billing period, as shown here:

  • Winter quarter's cumulative GPA affects Summer quarter's billing
  • Spring quarter's cumulative GPA affects Fall quarter's billing
  • Summer quarter's cumulative GPA affects Winter quarter's billing
  • Fall quarter's cumulative GPA affects Spring quarter's billing

Students must maintain a 2.50 average or they will forfeit a percentage of financial aid according to the table below.

Cumulative GPA % of Eligible Financial Aid
2.50 - 4.00 100%
2.40 - 2.49 80%
2.30 - 2.39 60%
2.20 - 2.29 40%
2.10 - 2.19 20%
< 2.10 0%

Financial Aid Renewal & Criteria

Students who have agreed to different renewal terms will be required to abide by the terms in their award letter.

GPA-Based Scholarship Reinstatement

In the event that a student's quarterly GPA drastically improves from their previous quarter's cumulative GPA, students will be eligible to regain some or all of their lost scholarship funds. Students will be notified of the amount that they regained after grades come in for the current quarter.

Scholarship funds will be reinstated according to the table below:

Quarterly GPA Percent of Loss Reinstated
3.00 + 100%
2.90 - 2.99 80%
2.80 - 2.89 60%
2.70 - 2.79 40%
2.60 - 2.69 20%

Example: Joe Smith has a scholarship of $1000 per quarter. However, due to a Fall cumulative GPA of 2.2, he has a scholarship loss for Spring quarter of 60% ($600) and is billed at that rate. When the grades are reported for Winter quarter, Joe achieved a 2.9 quarterly GPA. For spring quarter, 80% of his scholarship loss ($480) is reinstated for an adjusted loss of $120.

Financial Aid Award Amounts

If a student would like to review or receive an additional copy of their award letter, they should contact the Financial Aid Office (financialaid@jpcatholic.edu).