Federal Student Aid

JPCatholic's Federal School Code is 041937

JPCatholic is an eligible institution under the Higher Education Act and our undergraduate students are qualified to participate in programs under the Title IV student financial assistance programs. It is recommended that undergraduate students at JPCatholic fill out the FAFSA on an annual basis to determine their eligibility for Pell Grants and Direct Loans prior to utilizing private student loans due to typically lower, capped interest rates. Unsubsidized federal loans accrue interest during the time the student is in school and is capitalized (added to the initial amount borrowed) at the beginning of repayment. Only on federal subsidized loans (not all students are eligible; FAFSA results determine eligibility) does the government pay the interest during the in-school period.

In order to apply for Federal Aid students will need to fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at fafsa.gov. Prior to disbursement of any loans, student must complete Entrance Counseling and a Loan Agreement/Master Promissory Note (MPN); both are completed at studentloans.gov.

In addition to the items listed above, some students will need to provide additional documentation for us to verify that the FAFSA information is correct. The student will also need to accept their offered award via the financial aid portal located here: https://ufassnapprod.regenteducation.net/. Instructions for creating an account can be found here.

PLUS Loans (Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students) are also available. Parents are eligible to borrow up to the students full cost of attendance (minus all other aid received). To receive this loan, a parent must complete both an application and Loan Agreement/Master Promissory Note at studentloans.gov.

*Note: More information on the individual aid programs can be found in our University Catalog or on studentaid.gov.