Cal Grants

Information on Cal Grants can be found on the California Student Aid Commission website.

Eligible students should complete their FAFSA by March 2nd of every year to retain eligibility for their Cal Grant funds.

As with Federal aid, funds will be disbursed after the end of the Add/Drop period for each term, and we receive confirmation from your professors that you have begun attending your classes. We will list anticipated amounts at the full time rate on your invoice for your convenience, and adjustments to course load will result in an updated invoice after aid has been disbursed.

Cal Grant A funds can only be applied towards tuition for the term for which it was disbursed. This means that if you have substantial scholarship funds, your award will be reduced so that you do not exceed your quarterly tuition cost with restricted funds.

Cal Grant B Access funds will automatically be disbursed to you, regardless of whether you have an outstanding balance remaining on your account. Cal Grant B Tuition awards will be treated the same as Cal Grant A awards listed above.

If you have loans (particularly PLUS loans), your eligibility may be adjusted to account for any increase in aid and you will receive an updated award letter via email once the award has been updated in the financial aid portal.