Financial Aid for Undergraduates

Institutional aid at JPCatholic is awarded to students on the basis of a combination of merit and financial need. Students will not be granted institutional aid until they have been accepted for admission by JPCatholic. Any undergraduate student whose family is unable to meet the costs of a JPCatholic education is encouraged to apply for financial aid. All students who have clearly demonstrated achievement or need and apply by the deadline will be awarded financial aid.

In order to apply, students should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at Student's financial aid award must be considered tentative until we receive any requested verification information.


Students should apply no later than April 15th or 30 days after their acceptance date. Students accepted 30 days or less prior to the start of classes must apply by the Monday prior to check in/orientation.

Eligibility and Rules

  1. Student must be accepted to the undergraduate program at JPCatholic before they may apply for a scholarship.
  2. Student's application for Institutional Aid will include:
    • Completed FAFSA
    • JPCatholic admission application file
    • Students wishing to provide additional context of their merit may also submit up to an additional two items to be considered with their application: Resume, 500 word essay detailing significant accomplishments, reel with 1-2 highlights most representative of creative work, piece of artwork, short film (max. 5 minutes), etc.
  3. All aid is renewable on a quarterly basis after the freshman year. Renewal is dependent on the student's cumulative GPA and on-going commitment to the school's mission. Please read the renewal requirements.
  4. For the full award, recipient must be a full-time student, enrolled for 15 units per quarter. Part time enrollment will have their award prorated based on course load.
  5. Awards apply toward the expense of tuition only and may not be applied against room or other fees.

What to Expect

  1. Completed applications are typically reviewed by the Financial Aid Committee within two weeks of completion after November 1. In addition to the FAFSA, the Committee may review the student's GPA, SAT or ACT scores, and commitment to mission (determined by the student's full application for admission) in determining the amount of the award.
  2. Award letters are emailed to students the week following review, along with an “estimated aid letter” and “College Financing Plan” that will give additional estimates of Federal and State aid eligibility. Most students will be given an option between two awards for their institutional scholarship. One averages a lower amount but is the same for all four academic years; the other averages a higher amount but increases with each academic year. The average is what is used to determine a maximum award ($9,000/academic year).
  3. Students are required to sign and return the award letter to accept the award of their choice. With this acceptance is the assumption that the student has reviewed and accepted the terms of renewal.